We offer customized consulting for your business. Tailored software is created to provide a perfect solution for all of your business needs. Each application is implemented with the latest technology certain to deliver the results vital to your company’s success.

The world of mobile technology is growing rapidly, which is why 2NT specializes in the innovation of mobile technology with iOS & Android development to create customized applications for your smartphone or tablet.

Our developers are experts in producing personalized web & desktop software systems completely suited to your business essentials.

Customer Support

Our client’s happiness is crucial to our company’s success. We value each individual through every process involved in software development and digital marketing activities; from understanding your customization needs to making sure the cost and time are a source of relief.

In order to achieve maximum convenience, we have implemented a customer warranty plan that covers all angles to ensure flawless software and maintenance.   


  1. 3 months of 100% FREE installation technical support
  2. Onsite software training and manual provided
  3. Monthly check-ins to guarantee satisfaction
  4. Optional Maintenance Plan with software upgrades
  5. Live Chat and Customer Care Helpline for any inquiries
  6. Onsite check-ins

We are here to help you!

Digital Marketing Solutions

Making digital marketing easy and convenient for you. We create and implement digital marketing solutions led by simplicity and relevancy.

With our range of experience, expertise and tools, we help you to create and implement your campaigns, from being found online to ensuring you are talking to the right people at the right time.

We combine our expertise with innovative thinking to deliver user-centric digital marketing solutions.


Our offerings include:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy - making sure you have the right solution
  • Search Engine Optimization – ensuring that your customers can find you
  • SMS Marketing – helping you talk to your customers
  • Email Marketing – enabling you to share with your customers
  • Social Media Marketing – engaging with your customers


We go above and beyond to deliver excellent results and to help you succeed online.

Web, Mobile & Desktop Applications

Web Applications:

The 2NT Website Management Systems (WMS) are designed from scratch with your company in mind. We shape our services to meet the growing demand for fast, dynamic and accommodating websites.

We offer comprehensive design and development building from the foundations in gathering requirements and executing flawless design. We ensure your website is of the highest quality and offer maintenance and support to guarantee all your web needs are met.

We provide strong back end technologies to ensure the function and storage of web applications work securely and dependably. Equally, we value a high usability and creativity for our UI design to capture the essence of your company culture.

We elevate your website with custom social networking apps, cutting-edge analytics and other tools like online ordering to increase user engagement.

Desktop applications:

provide customized programming for your desktop needs. Our hand-picked team of specialized desktop developers create ISO-quality applications to ensure convenience for your company needs. All desktop applications can run offline and do not require internet so you can perform the necessary tasks without the worry of wifi connections. On top of the ease desktop applications provide, we guarantee the highest protection so your information is stored securely.


  • Meticulous planning
  • Verified testing
  • Integration platform compatibility
  • Swift data access
  • Custom admittance levels with 5 complimentary licensed users

Our Desktop applications also have the option for a yearly Maintenance plan to include system upgrades, analytics & revamped security measures to guarantee best-case-scenario software.

Mobile applications:

2NT is renowned for resilient, innovative mobile apps.

We pride ourselves on applying our dexterous processes to design and develop advanced mobile programming for native, hybrid web apps & cross-platform apps. The code we write is 100% in sync with your core operations to ultimately expand your business.

We will show you how we can help significantly improve your overall business performance, in conjunction with incorporating latest technologies to solidify your backend operations as well as developing immaculate front end design.

Business Solutions & Custom Solutions

2NT provides excellent assessments and solutions for your specific business requirements. Whether you need to develop or improve communications and marketing efforts, data, tracking or software systems our Consulting Services can create your best case scenario.

Our process begins with analysis of weighing what your obvious needs are, along with undetected or forecasted needs. In completing this first step we can begin to outline the scope of recommendation and the possibilities available.

Tactful problem solving combined with our innovative expertise is the origin of brilliant solutions to bridge the gap for your company. Our goal is to partner with you in strategic customization in order to achieve the perfect solution, causing relief and convenience in business operations.


2NT recognizes the importance of tailored software. Prepackaged systems lack the flexibility and functionality your business needs. With customized software, possibilities are endless with new modules created with advanced technology and international expertise. Not only can we achieve the specifications you need, but customized software can also easily integrate 3rd party systems for a continuous operation.


Our one-of-a-kind solutions are user-friendly and intuitive, designed to boost efficiency and improve the end-user experience based on your specific target.

Convenience projects

2NT caters to businesses, schools, communities and individuals with an aim to equip these sectors with convenience and ease in achieving their goals. Whether it’s a School Management System (SMS) to provide better education or a Mobile App (MAS) to create online ordering for a local restaurant, 2NT is committed to making it happen.

We provide quality services, international expertise, custom software and excellent customer care through providing complimentary 6 months post-installation tech support for FREE, no hidden fees! We come to you to ensure your 100% satisfaction.


(Inventory Control System)

Recording Stock Accounts

  • - Production Planning
  • - Stock Management
  • - Raw Material Tracking
  • - Management Info System


(Data Consolidation System)

Merging Data for Company Convenience

  • - Information Tracking
  • - Merge Accounting Input
  • - Simplified Data Access
  • - Integrate ERP Systems


(Enterprise Management System)

Ensuring your business operates seamlessly

  • - Security
  • - Real Estate
  • - Hospitality
  • - Health & Fitness
  • - Garment Manufacturing
  • - Restaurant and Retail


(Mobile Application System)

Custom Company Apps

  • - Native Apps
  • - Hybrid Web Apps
  • - Cross-Platform Apps


(Point of Sale)

Streamlining the Sale

  • - School Management System
  • - Restaurant
  • - Sales & Retail
  • - Hospitality


(School Management System)

Maximizing School Procedures

  • - Scheduling
  • - Scoring Database
  • - Payroll
  • - Supply Stock Management


(Website Management System)

Custom Company Website

  • - Hosting
  • - Design
  • - SEO
  • - Maintenance
  • - Social Media


(Finance Management System)

Cataloging Financial Data

  • - Mortgage Solutions
  • - Accounting Plan
  • - Cost Analysis
  • - Payroll
  • - Tax & Budget

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