2NT is a global standard company providing software development and technological precision in the following areas:

  • Web, Desktop & Mobile Applications
  • Business Solutions & custom software
  • Convenience Projects
  • Digital marketing solution

Founded in 2016 as a groundbreaking startup, 2NT has an exponential growth rate in serving local businesses in Cambodia, as well as international industries in Japan, Thailand, Singapore and the U.S. With a united focus on customization, versatility and quality, 2NT provides solutions that delivers beyond expectation. Proficient in traditional and cutting-edge technologies with international expertise, the 2NT process guarantees satisfactory results for business operations.

Why 2NT?

2NT doesn’t just create software or provide solutions, we educate you in customized technology and cause an experience of convenience and relief to save you time and increase productivity. We sincerely care about understanding client needs and partnering to create unrivaled solutions. With a strong work ethic to better businesses and communities, we invest in projects that will increase education, responsibility and company infrastructure. We are the perfect choice for your business needs!


At the heart of 2NT, we promote the end result of convenience above all else. We believe software should not be a source of frustration or faultiness, but of relief and lasting resolution. This is achieved by hiring world-class developers, abiding by ISO quality standards and providing outstanding customer support to ensure your experience is entirely rewarding.

Our Mission

“To bridge the technological gap with convenience and satisfaction equipping clients to achieve their goals.”

Our Vision

“Our vision is to be a worldwide corporation that creates innovative software leading in cutting-edge technology.”

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